We’re certainly not saying any food should make you feel guilty. But during and after the festive season, when we all may (definitely) have overindulged at all the summer parties, race days, Christmas celebrations and more, it’s refreshing to balance it all out with a few healthy options, too. More energy for all those festivities, we say.

Whether you’re serving these at a work function or just bringing them to work for your own healthy office snacks, here’s a list of some of our favourites:

Fresh, sweet – and guilt-free, fruit pots are the perfect go-to for something delicious and healthy. Add a squeeze of lemon to lift this snack to new heights. It does double duty by stopping the fruit oxidising but also adding an extra tang.

Keep it classic with simple and delicious salad wraps. With many combinations of flavours, these filling bites are perfect when filled with Falafel & Tabouleh, Chicken & Dijon Mayo and Tuna & Sriracha Mayo

A party in your mouth all on their own, they’re appealing to the palate and on a plate. Have an array of colours, shapes and textures from different fruits and vegetables, as well as a multitude of flavours: sweet, sour, spicy and savoury. Available in various sizes, perfect for any occasion. 

What’s breakfast without eggs? Elevate this healthy classic by baking them with different add-ons; our favourite right now is roasted mushrooms, kale, and sprinkled with crumbled goat’s cheese. It’s a great snack to make ahead and grab-and-go on the way out the door, or as an easy, healthy snack.

Tuck into fresh, light, and satisfying rice paper rolls for a yummy guilt-free lunch. Pair chicken breast with sliced veggies, salad and rice noodles for a protein-rich snack that won’t leave you hungry. Eat with a light soy sauce, or a touch of sweet chilli sauce.


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