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It’s time once again to organise the food for your next office event, conference or seminar, but you’re fresh out of inspiration and tempted to just go for the same old, same old. On top of that, you need to think about not just what food, but how much–there’s nothing worse than a long office meeting where everyone is hungry–except maybe one where everyone eats too much and food comas ensue. There’s no need to be stuck for inventive and contemporary corporate catering ideas, with plenty of options for food that will not only impress your attendees (and boss) but set everyone up for a successful meeting.

Breakfast Time

Need to cater for a breakfast meeting or conference? Breakfast catering can get a bad rap, but there’s no need to turn to trays of limp scrambled eggs or stale supermarket muffins. There’s loads of opportunity to feed your office breakfast in style: why not go for gourmet breakfast sliders filled with the likes of chorizo, haloumi or sunny-side-up eggs; fresh, pillowy pastries served with premium butter and jam plus berries and cream cheese; or filled baby frittatas to please the Paleo people.

Natural Selection

Speaking of Paleo, healthy catering has become increasingly common among corporate event organisers. So many people are diet-conscious these days, not to mention serving up superfoods means your ingredients are not only likely to be of a high quality, but full of nutrients and slow-release energy too, perfect for fueling any successful meeting. Think fresh fruit pots brimming with delicious whole pieces of sliced-up seasonal fruit, healthy nuts and trail mix made with a variety of nuts and delicious dried fruits and a great array of tasty and filling salad pots to choose from.

Let’s Lunch

Whether your guests are taking a break from that all-day meeting or conference, or you’re catering a lunch meeting itself, there are all sorts of different options to deliver a sophisticated meal that’s far from boring. The humble sandwich can be levelled-up with delicious gourmet fillings, delicate finger sandwiches or a variety of wraps, sliders and rice paper rolls to provide interest and elevate these lunchtime classics.

Buffet Benefits

Appropriate for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast, a buffet is always a winner if your office catering solution requires you to put on a substantial meal for a large group. There are multiple benefits of buffets: everybody can help themselves to as much or as little as they like (and no need for anyone to serve the food or man the tables); and you can effortlessly cater to any and all dietary preferences while still feeding the masses. Think rustic bread, warm salads, tasty cuts of meat, aromatic curries, and delicious sides.

Nice Nibbles

Don’t need anything quite so heavy on your corporate catering menu? You may need to only provide snacks for morning or afternoon tea, or canapes for an evening soiree. In that case, a artisanal platter is always an easy yet aesthetically pleasing option–think bread and dips, artisanal cheeses, dried and fresh fruits, charcuterie and even sushi. Arranged artfully, it will be not only delicious but Instagram-worthy as well. Baked sweets like fresh muffins, pastries and homemade granola bars are always welcome options for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, while a finger food menu is the best catering style for when you want your guests to mingle and eat at the same time. A combination of a grazing table and roaming canapes is also a nice choice for a cocktail-style corporate event where you still want to make sure your guests are well-fed.


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