It’s the end of a decade – what better way to send of 2019 and welcome 2020 than with a night filled with friends, family, fireworks and food… New Year’s Eve is the night of the year but without the correct planning can often descend into stress and mayhem. 

If you ever find yourself trying desperately to make sure all your guests are fed, their glasses are full, and they’re having a good time (so much so that you forget to…), we’ve put together an easy guide on the best ways to prepare and celebrate a memorable New Year. 

Host a party for your friends at home 

Eating, drinking and dancing the night away with your friends is a fool-proof way to ring in the New Year. To avoid the stress of last minute grocery shopping, fervent cooking, and trying to navigate the local bottle shop’s wacky holiday open hours, being organised is key. 

Skip the stress and get your party catered. Catering Project is the one-stop-shop of your hostess dreams, with our delivered catering and alcohol service. Choose from a large range of New Year’s Eve party finger food, bound to keep your guests’ stomachs and glasses full. Think mini quichesfresh rice paper rollsmini sliders, and artisanal cheese grazing collections.

If you’re feeling fancy, cheers the New Year with glasses of Mumm Champagne, or for the more budget-conscious, a glass (or three!) of Chandon is perfect for celebrating. For a fun, New Year’s Eve party idea, add a sparkly wine-glass tag or colourful paper straw to your guests glasses. Try to stay away from non-sustainable, single-use decorations such as glitter, balloons, and cheap plastic gimmicks like NYE 2020 glasses. 

So turn up the tunes, sit back, and enjoy the last night of 2019, while we take care of everything else…

Camp out to watch the fireworks 

If a full-blown New Year’s Eve party isn’t really your scene, why not join the yearly pilgrimage of Sydney-siders down to the waterside to camp out and watch the fireworks at 9pm and 12am. Like everything else on New Year’s Eve day, it pays to be organised. 

Venture down early in the day to make sure you can snag a great spot. Lay down a picnic rug or two, a collection of cushions, or even a low fold-out chair, and settle in for the day. Make sure you bring everything you need for the day, including any food and drink you’ll be wanting for the evening (along with an esky!). 

Choose New Year’s Eve catering that will last the day, such as a dip, cheese, and charcuterie boardcold mini quiches, or – if you’re after something sweet, a selection of mini doughnuts, classic pastries, and brownies. Cut down on stress, time, and stay ahead of the curb by pre-ordering your catering. Have it delivered to you early in the morning, or even the day before, and keep chilled. 

If you’re in a viewing spot that allows it, don’t forget to grab a few bottles of your favourite wine or Champagne to bring in the New Year. If you’re not sure, you can never go wrong with a dry Adelaide Hills Chardonnay, a rich organic Shiraz, or a classic Chandon Champagne. 

Host a BBQ with your mates

Are you over the hype surrounding New Year’s Eve in Sydney? Us too. Keep it simple and invite your mates around for a low-key evening outside on the deck with good food and a few drinks. 

Grab some sausages and turn up the BBQ, or ditch the coals and order some of your favourite bites straight from Catering Project. Think mini quiches, mini wrapsgreen power salad, or keep it classic with a selection of gourmet pies and sausage rolls. Fill a plate and pour yourself an ice-cold Peroni, or a smooth and buttery French rosé. 

Turn on the TV to get a glimpse of the fireworks from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the last, fun-filled moments of the year surrounded by friends.


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