FAST LANE: Meal Box Ideas for Those On the Go

The exponential rise of meal kit deliveries, food subscriptions and other food box delivery services just proves that modern life has us on the go more and more–and while we still want to eat delicious, nutritious and healthy wholefoods instead of relying on unhealthy takeaways, we just don’t always have the luxury of time to prepare it.

We can all think of a time (or several) we’ve been on the run–on the way to work, on our work lunch break, or on the way home from work–when the thought of even stopping to eat some decent food seems like a stretch, let alone actually cooking or preparing it. The same goes for when you feel chained to your desk, have back-to-back or all-day meetings, or need to be out of the office–and when you’re that busy, the last thing you need is heavy or unhealthy food that depletes the get-up-and-go you desperately need.

Fresh meals delivered, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, are the ideal way to make sure you or the people you’re catering for are getting the right fuel in a streamlined and convenient way. If it’s up to you to organise food for yourself and/or a team of people, food box delivery is a total godsend. More compact, convenient, quick and easily tailored to each person than traditional catering, individual work lunch boxes are the way to go when time is of the essence. And it’s not just for convenience’s sake: everyone getting their very own box makes a corporate lunch or event that little bit extra special.

While we all love a buffet or large platters of food, office lunch boxes are personalised and portable without all the logistics of tables, serveware and so on. They’re perfect for busy training days, office catering, large conferences or groups on the move. The perfect “grab and go” meal, they’re also a nice touch to give any out-of-town guests leaving to travel on a bus or a plane.

The other nice thing about boxed meals is that they’re a great way to feed large groups of people quickly, while still accommodating a variety of dietary concerns. Whether they’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or just want a delicious, healthy and convenient work lunch box, a tailored mix of snacks makes people feel as though you’ve put thought into their meal, even when eating on the run.

So what goes into these self-contained meals to ensure they’re hitting the brief of healthy, individualised convenience food? There are endless options and lunch box ideas, but we like to keep it simple: you can’t go wrong with a base of a gourmet sandwich or roll (swapped out for rice paper rolls to make it gluten-free), fresh seasonal fruit, a high-protein frittata, which is just as delicious cold as it is hot and provides sustained energy (again this could be swapped out for rice paper rolls for a dairy-free box), a simple but tasty salad, something sweet (we can never go past a gluten-free brownie) and a cold-pressed juice. Or got a little more space to graze? Our Artisanal Cheese Platter features marinated olives, roast beetroot and herb dip, fig jam, mature cheddar, brie, fresh strawberries, lavosh bites, dehydrated fruit and spring water with fresh mint and lemon for something with a bit of extra flair.

If you’re on the go yourself or catering for people who are, chances are food is a factor that’s both essential but the last thing on your list. Take a look at our individual boxed lunch collection and embrace the magic of meal boxes!


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