All that brainpower you use at work means sometimes three square meals in your day just doesn’t cut it. But with our desk-bound, sedentary lifestyles, work snacks need to be healthy as well as hit the spot. Whether you’re grazing between meals, satisfying the 3pm slump, fuelling an afternoon meeting or putting on office snacks for your team, here are our 10 favourite easy and healthy snacks to get you through.


A oldie, but a goodie! Fruit is one of the simplest healthy office snacks: portable, refreshing, and vitamin-packed. Fruit Pots are easy to throw in your lunch box or bag, or to have in a box at the office for your team to help themselves.

Salad Pots

There’s no rule that says salad has to be part of a main meal. A mini salad pot is the perfect afternoon snack that will tide you or your team well over until dinner without giving you a late afternoon slump. Get creative with spiced veggies, ancient grains or colourful slaw.

Break-Time Boxes For One

When you want something sweet and satisfying but nutritious, The Catering Project's Break-Time Boxes For One are the perfect office snack option. There are multiple options out there to choose from, whether you're gluten-free or not, we have you covered. 

Nuts & Trail 

Who doesn’t love this classic favourite? Our Nuts & Trail For One is filled with Pistachio's, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, Dried Cranberries and Dried Orange, this addictive box will be one you won't stop snacking on until it's gone. 


Whether it’s a hard-boiled version you can eat on the go or add to rice cakes or crackers, or a slice of veggie-filled frittata, eggs are brimming with protein and healthy fats, versatile, tasty, and yummy hot or cold. We’re big fans of baby frittatas made muffin-style.


Avocado is a much-loved ingredient here in Australia, and it’s healthy, too. A nutritious source of plant-based fat, creamy guacamole made with lemon juice, red onion and coriander is amazing served in bite-sized boats of antioxidant-rich fresh red capsicum.


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